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Naturally Relieve Stress and Anxiety

School. Finances. Car trouble. Social discrimination. Watching the news. At any given moment, there are numerous causes for anxiety and stress in daily life. How, you ask, can an anxious and overwhelmed mental state be addressed in a natural way? Fortunately, there are several methods to maintain a reduces stress level all while still managing life’s ups and downs.


Meditation is one of the simplest ways to begin addressing the stress and anxiety in your life. It is simple, free, and can be done just about anywhere. You can begin by practicing mindfulness, which is really just a conscious decision to be fully present in the moment by noticing and accepting all of the sensory input that the body senses. Research from John Hopkins suggests 30 minutes of daily meditation may alleviate some anxiety symptoms and act as an antidepressant. If you’re new to meditation, there are apps that can help, such as Headspace, Calm, Enso, and various others. 


One of the most highly recommended treatments for stress, anxiety, and depression is exercise. Exercise acts as a way of resetting the body and brain. Lifting your heart rate is often enough to interrupt the anxious cycle in your brain. And it’s not just a short-term fix; you may experience anxiety relief for hours after working out.


The use of essential oils and aromatherapy dates back thousands of years and has shown to be effective in promoting calm. Many people who suffer from anxiety and severe stress have reported positive effects from burning incense, lighting candles, or diffusing essential oils. Common scents to relieve anxiety include: bergamot, lavender, clary sage, grapefruit, and ylang ylang.


Stress and anxiety can lead to a build-up of body tension, causing knots and discomfort in muscles throughout the body. The positive effects of massage are numerous, including everything from reduced cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the brain, to an increase in activity of the parasympathetic system which is responsible for calming your body and mind down.


With recent developments in the area of natural health supplements, there has been a great deal of research and development involving CBD. CBD is a chemical compound of both hemp and marijuana plants – it is unique in that it shares the healing qualities of both plants without having the THC chemical that induces a “high”. The use of CBD products as needed has been revolutionary for some people suffering from anxiety and stress.

Ditch Caffeine

If you have chronic anxiety or stress, caffeine is not your friend. Caffeine may cause nervousness and jitters, neither of which is good if you’re anxious. Research has shown caffeine may cause or worsen anxiety disorders. It may also cause panic attacks in people with panic disorder. In some people, eliminating caffeine may significantly improve anxiety symptoms.

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